Start preparing for a positive postpartum! 


Because birth is just the beginning - we help you prepare for what comes next.


Introducing the Postpartum Self Care workbook: A guide to help you create a supported and nurtured transition into motherhood. 

truth be told

You’re written your birth plan, prepared for the delivery, and have your hospital-bag checklist in hand, but have you thought about everything that comes after birth?

This downloadable workbook will help you start preparing for your own physical, mental, and emotional recovery after birth because when YOU are cared for, not only does your baby benefit, but you do too. 

Don't wait until after birth to start thinking about your postpartum recovery. 

Download our workbook now and start preparing for a positive and nurtured postpartum experience.

what's inside the postpartum self-care care guide?

This workbook will guide you in creating a plan for honoring yourself and your body as you transition into motherhood. 


Practical tips to guide your period of rest and recovery.


Meal ideas to nourish your body.


A physical recovery guide.


A birth aftercare plan to aid your mental & emotional recovery.


Question prompts to help you create a plan that honors your transition from woman to mother. 


Self Care Bingo Game with 11 ideas for self-care during postpartum.


Affirmations to get you through the days, weeks, months when you need that gentle reminder including printable affirmation cards.


Hi, I'm Isobel! Mother of four boys and the founder of Atlas of Motherhood. 

After experiencing postpartum in another country after my third and fourth births, I wanted to learn more about how other countries and cultures around the world supported and cared for mothers during the first year of motherhood. After three years researching postpartum around the world, I launched The Atlas of Motherhood, a holistic curation of international tools that are proven to improve maternal wellbeing. 

If I'm not interviewing experts and mothers or hosting postpartum workshops, then you can most likely chasing after my little ones, bottle feeding our pet lamb on our farm by the ocean, or swimming in the sea.